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Many people are asking us for the reason of doing all these things. Of course we have goals and we have already drawn them up decently.

We want to take over the world domination, that means that there will be no wars and hunger anymore, as well as we will enable appropriate education for everyone in this world.

Because we have an own operating system (BlinkOS), an own programing language (ARCADEmini Assembler) and a lot more hard- and software projects, we will go on as follows:

  • edge out Linux and BSD of the market
  • drive Microsoft into bankruptcy
  • sue SCO, after we won we take over and give them away to IBM
  • buy up IBM ...
  • ...and resell them for double the price at Ebay
  • get rid of graphical user interfaces and only allow shells based on telnet-Blinkenlights
  • buy the rights on Commodore and finally build real computers again
  • go for an high-profit bankruptcy (like Enron)
  • _free_ Cuba from the US military troops
  • transfer the BlinkenArea to Cuba
  • handling the remaining points from Cuba


Esta revolucion es eterna y creemos en los sueños. Venceremos!